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Privacy is freedom.|

Welcome to, a community dedicated to maintaining the original Tornado Cash protocol and building on top of it!

We hold to the principle that surveillance is dangerous and violent, and that wanting secrecy is something natural to all human beings.

If you click the button below, you will find access links to the application, otherwise, in the top right, you will find social and repository links tied to this community.

Please note that the Tornado Cash contracts have been sanctioned in the US, where it is considered illegal for citizens to interact with them.

btw, this website is open-source, just curl it.

Tornado Cash RPC

The fastest, free, and privacy-first RPC endpoints for the blockchain. Connect to Web3 reliably and easily!

TornadoCash RPC
Crypto peerless dough mixer eg20

Tornado Cash Nova

Second generation privacy protocol with support of arbitrary amounts and shielded transfers.

Tornado Cash

A fully decentralized protocol for private transactions on Ethereum and BSC.

Crypto peerless dough mixer eg20